What a Virtual Assistant Does All Day

A day in the life of a virtual assistant varies with each VA and their niche. A VA can have a very flexible schedule if they have set it up that way. But for the most part, a VA will do the same things each day based upon their business. Some examples of what a VA might do are below.

Depends on Their Niche
In truth, what a VA does all day will greatly depend on their niche. Some VAs keep track of their work by using a system like FreshBooks.com to track time, and some bill by project. Some do administrative work and others do other types of projects like event planning. How a VA structures his or her day is dependent upon how they set up their own business. Some of the things a VA can do each day are:

* Take incoming calls
* Update websites
* Update social media
* Research
* Reply to email
* Data entry
* Book travel
* Write content
* Manage others

As you see, what a VA does each day is diverse. But, as guidance on what a VA does all day you might just consider a specific niche like “administrative.”

The VA might get up in the morning and take care of his or her family before sending them off to school. Then once the bus comes, they might get a cup of coffee and go settle in front of the desktop computer to check email for an hour or so, then move on to checking social media for 30 minutes or so. After that, the VA may look at the calendar to see what’s on the schedule for today.

Then, the VA will work on each client, usually in blocks of time devoted to one client at a time instead of trying to switch back and forth between clients. After each client he or she may take a break and get lunch, or go for a walk, or to the gym or for a swim. Whatever they want to do is based on their schedule.

At 3:30 PM the children may come home, so the VA stops work and devotes their time to the children, and perhaps cooks dinner, does laundry and other household duties. Some VAs then go back to work when their partner is home. Other VAs run their business during business hours from 8 to 5 and hires someone to help with their kids. It’s up to the VA how he or she chooses to run their own business.

Works on Their Own Schedule
A VA gets to choose their schedule, based on deadlines that are set with their clients. They might work 8 hours straight or they might work 4 hours; it’s up to them and how they want to run their business. Which brings up the point of how you choose your niche. The answer is to choose a niche that will accommodate your needs in terms of time and how you want to work.

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